I has been a very bad blogger as of lately.

I am admittedly insanely frustrated myself for the recent hiatus on blogging that was worsened by the following severe lack of explanation. Rude, very rude.
I guess the explanation I can give is that I got caught up in IB and getting through everything else. The creative outlet was ignored because creativity was becoming a rare occurrence and one I haven’t particularly had time for either.

A lot has happened for me in the past three months though that I can’t wait to talk to you guys about. Current followers and any recent new I really want to thank you for stinking around and hope you will continue as I get back into the blogging spirit. Even just writing this post is making me feel better and more excited. Hopefully a lot of posts will be getting written and sent out in the next while.

So a big thanks to my followers, I can’t wait to check other blogs as well to see what you’ve been up to. Anything super big that you want to talk about? Comment below!

Happy blogging!


The Medication Life

Without a doubt I have been in a major dry spell for posts for the past few weeks. My apologies for that because I miss it and I miss talking with other bloggers out there in the community. With that in mind I thought I’d take the chance to talk about the topic I spoke about in a post awhile back, The Struggle To Talk.

Because as it goes, once you get diagnosed, in comes the medication. It’s not going to take long and it’s a simple fact apparently.

As I believe I said in my last post about mental health and my life, I was diagnosed with depression and anxiety, that was done over a year ago now, during March 2015 as my mother found out for the second time that I was suicidal and I hit a new all time low in my short life. Before long I was going to the hospital an hour away from home to see the doctors they had there dedicated for teen mental health. The psychiatrist appointments began along with counselling for the umpteenth time in my life. The new part? Medication. Or, my meds.  Continue reading “The Medication Life”

July Summary

….My summer is halfway over. Well damn it, isn’t that just cruel. Oh well guess I’ll have to make the most out of August.

But anyways let’s take a look at what I’ve done during the month of July.

Blog Achievements:

  • 1300 + views!
  • Then my post count is lacking this month…

Books read and reviewed:

Broken by Dean Murray – 1 star
Moonlight by Rachel Hawthorne – 2 1/2 stars
The Hidden by Kelley R. Martin – 3 stars
White Hot Kiss by Jennifer L. Armentrout – 3 1/2 stars
The Problem With Forever by Jennifer L. Armentrout – 4 stars
Blood Bound by Patricia Briggs – 4 stars
Cry Wolf by Patricia Briggs – 4 stars
We Were Liars by E. Lockhart – 5 stars
Moon Called by Patricia Briggs – 5 stars

Books read and to-be reviewed:

Favourite book?

Y’know when an author manages to break you into a million pieces with just a stroke of words? Yea. Enough said.

Least favourite?

I’m already in the process of wiping this book from my brain. Ongoing but worthwhile endeavour. Shit happens I guess, or rather shit books happen.

Currently Reading:

So those of you following know this was not my currently reading list before at all as I have yet to finish the other ones, I’m moving on from them for now to say the least and seeing where my random book choices take me. Look at all the ones I reviewed this month with that technique!

August to-reads:

I has absolutely no clue! And I’ve decided I really like it that way. Let’s hope it works.

Life Update:

Not much I suppose. I took my friend Emily from EmilysTableofContents to get purple dyed in her hair. Looks fantastic by the way. I have booked the appointment to get my own hair done, something different though. Considering doing a before and after on here of it. What do you guys think about that?
I tried standup paddle boarding with some friends. Now that is an experience I tell you! It’s with a yoga studio too so after all the laughs and jumping in we got to do some relaxation as well. I plan to go again soon!
Tried Pokemon Go. I couldn’t help myself. At first I just went out with friends. There’s this park and late at night it can be filled with over 50 people probably playing. It’s pretty awesome if you ask me. I caught a squirtle.
Starting a new regimen for being healthy and getting in better shape. Emily is helping me kick my ass into gear so we’ll see how that works out.

And I think that’s just about it for now, oh, I also got to go to Montreal to visit McGill university. One of the prospects for next year and it’s definitely still high on the list. Both school and city were amazing!

I think that’s all for the month of July though.

Until next time,



The Struggle To Talk

I want to begin something I planned for this blog from the very beginning when my first one finished and this one began about six months later.

Now I’m well into my third month and I guess it’s time I get myself to talk about it because it really is important to me. The subject at hand? Mental health as people like to put it. Or, my brain not quite working right in producing its chemicals. Or struggling with depression and anxiety. You can put any name on it you want to I guess. The name shouldn’t matter should it? It’s just what I’m going through in my mind, in my life. But it’s also what who knows how many others go through and more, worse.  Continue reading “The Struggle To Talk”

June Summary

It does not feel like a month has gone by at all. tumblr_nxcse2n7jg1tq4of6o1_500

Why is time going by so fast? Ughhh, I’m blaming exams all over again, and stress while I’m at it. I feel like it was only a few days ago since I made the May Summary. Let’s start looking at what I’ve managed.

Blog Achievements:

  • 150 posts, this will be 151
  • 1000+ views
  • 118 followers, including twitter and tumblr
  • Books read:

    Life update:

  • Survived grade 11
  • Began role as a peer mentor, have my group of grade 9s now
  • Fell off the wagon on being healthier, making my way back on
  • Completed the summer’s first trip to the beach
  • Began summer rugby season

Favourite book?


This one hit all the marks with the writing, story building, characters. It had it all and I believe will stick with me for a very long time in many ways.

Least Favourite?


This series, I feel like I always expected more than it could give, while this book was by far better than the first, still is not my go-to for recommendations.

Currently Reading:

(This one is taking a funny hit because I took some off that I was reading beforehand)

July to-reads:

Also a secret project by Megan Crewe will be read during this time as well.


It’s summer and goals are rather overrated for me at the moment.
First and foremost though, I want my blog to grow and flourish as well as my writing. That’s always a given for me I suppose. I’m still really excited about the MyTrendingStories opportunity and can’t wait to see where that will take me. Mostly though, I just want to sit back, relax and enjoy my summer like a teenager should.

That’s all for now, once again thanks to all the wonderful readers and followers that stick by me here, I love and appreciate you all. Can’t wait to come back to this community after being off in exam world.

Until next time, Shayla

Life Update

I don’t enjoy exam time. Then again nobody does we’re all just kind of like 200_s

Because who really understands studying? It’s weird. You basically just sit there rereading the same information until it burns into the tissue of your brain itself.

Anyway! Exams are upon us and I’m already working away trying to get posts scheduled so I don’t have to worry about not giving you guys any posts during this time. I don’t have a lot of time or creativity to spare though so I am bringing over quite a few old posts from my old blog with my friends. Flashback time I guess?

I will still be here, reading posts so a quick shoutout to those other bloggers out there keeping me sane, (or  however sane I was in the first place) as I stuff my head with an entire semester of information for several classes. Wow, sucks even more now.
Most important thing though is no stressing. So a word to my other students out there, stay strong and remember to take breaks too. Don’t let it over stress you because it is just exams, you’ll survive. Just be concise and focus when you need to with the proper food breaks in between. Feel free to come to me for ranting, I will happily take the break to join you. We will survive it people and return to the beautiful blogging and writing world. clinteastwood

Until next time and thanks for tuning in,