Opinions and Advice

This topic came up for me when talking to my friend Emily while she was planning a post. Unsurprisingly, she was worried about offending people, which I’ve worried about time and time again as well, frustrating as that is for me. Sometimes I can get away from things, but this time it bothered and inspired me all at the same time.

So I decided to share the advice I gave to her and discuss the entire thing with ‘opinions’ here and now. I figure it’s always a good thing to bring up when I am fairly opinionated.

The thing I want to start on immediately is the entire idea of offending someone with your opinion and this is also where I find lines blur a lot. I believe in speaking your mind and having the right to do that. Everyone has that right. But I have to say, when your opinion is hindering and insulting the rights and beliefs of others, then you’re doing something wrong. This has happened within my own family. Where I barely bother sharing my opinion anymore because the fact is, it doesn’t align with theirs, so they don’t want to hear it. I don’t share my insights anymore. That’s the end of that story.

But here are the facts as I see it when you give out your opinion.
You won’t start conflict, others will. That’s one thing to settle in your mind, or try to at least. Whenever I talk about an even slightly controversial topic I’m very nervous about offending somebody, but the fact is, somebody can always get offended, by something as simple as a rating I make on a book. But they’re the ones who don’t respect my opinion when they start something about it all.

One person believes something, then someone else believes another. That is a given fact of life. People supporting Trump in America for example. I heavily disagree, but there is no point in getting worked up or offended because it won’t make a single difference if they don’t want to hear it.

There’s one other very important thing I’ve realized lately about giving your opinion. A much more positive side to it at that.

What if there’s someone out there sharing your opinion, but feels like they’re wrong because others disagree. Then they read your post and suddenly something feels better. Someone else shares their opinion and more, understands it. Just anybody out there, getting the chance to connect to it and not feel alone. I think the chance of helping somebody is worth the chance of offending someone through and through.

Just a reminder and hopefully a help to those out there reading.

Until next time,


Book Quotes and Scenes

“Forever was something we all took for granted, but the problem with forever was that it really didn’t exist.”
Jennifer L. Armentrout, The Problem with Forever

The Struggle To Talk

I want to begin something I planned for this blog from the very beginning when my first one finished and this one began about six months later.

Now I’m well into my third month and I guess it’s time I get myself to talk about it because it really is important to me. The subject at hand? Mental health as people like to put it. Or, my brain not quite working right in producing its chemicals. Or struggling with depression and anxiety. You can put any name on it you want to I guess. The name shouldn’t matter should it? It’s just what I’m going through in my mind, in my life. But it’s also what who knows how many others go through and more, worse.  Continue reading “The Struggle To Talk”

Life Update

I don’t enjoy exam time. Then again nobody does we’re all just kind of like 200_s

Because who really understands studying? It’s weird. You basically just sit there rereading the same information until it burns into the tissue of your brain itself.

Anyway! Exams are upon us and I’m already working away trying to get posts scheduled so I don’t have to worry about not giving you guys any posts during this time. I don’t have a lot of time or creativity to spare though so I am bringing over quite a few old posts from my old blog with my friends. Flashback time I guess?

I will still be here, reading posts so a quick shoutout to those other bloggers out there keeping me sane, (or  however sane I was in the first place) as I stuff my head with an entire semester of information for several classes. Wow, sucks even more now.
Most important thing though is no stressing. So a word to my other students out there, stay strong and remember to take breaks too. Don’t let it over stress you because it is just exams, you’ll survive. Just be concise and focus when you need to with the proper food breaks in between. Feel free to come to me for ranting, I will happily take the break to join you. We will survive it people and return to the beautiful blogging and writing world. clinteastwood

Until next time and thanks for tuning in,


Blank Page

Inspired by Daily Post word prompt Blank

Smooth and calm, pages etched from unknown
Upon which, stories may be sewn.
Clean and clear, open to all for life.
Possibilities of both love and strife.

Open it up,
The urge calls loud and burning.
One page,
Open and none will stop you from learning;

The essence of happy,
Fun and beauty in the sun
The truth of sorrow,
A battle of mind not won.
The weight of anger,
Never without a cost.
The facts of life,
In which, bright and dark crossed.

And so…

The pages lay before you.
They are ready, the pen in hand.
Take hold right now,
The world will never be bland.
It is yours at the making,
All wishes yours to keep.
So every day fill your pages,
Before you go to sleep.

Good luck.


Personal Challenge

This is an idea I feel like I’ll keep going from my old blog, so I’ll let anyone reading this in on it. My latest challenge is this: read 5-10 books outside of my normal genre.
It came up because looking at the few reviews I’ve posted on this blog even when it’s new and looking at my old one with my friends, my genres can vary, except that one stays the same. YA. Young adult. Changing it up >.< might regret it. So I am recruiting Michelle and Emilie from their blogs to help me find these 5-10 books out of my genre and read them within about two months while reviewing them.
If anyone has suggestions, hand ’em over. I would love to hear some different books, that have maybe impacted you some how and get a chance to read them myself. Comment and leave suggestions please!

Thanks! ~Shayla

Update: The list of books has been chosen and made! Here’s the post.