Favourite ReReads

If you live in a snow country like me, you know that sometimes on a cold night there is literally nothing better than curling up in some blankets with a book. Whether it’s hardcopy or on your phone like me, it’s the best thing ever. Also my most common way to procrastinate. Sometimes the best thing to do at these times is find a good book to reread. Here’s my list of books I go to the most for rereads. Continue reading “Favourite ReReads”

Top 10 Odd Crimes

I wanted to do a top ten list and somehow this ended up becoming the topic. Have fun walking into this one. anigif_original-grid-image-30734-1440007185-13

  1. Arrested for having sex with a floatie
    I have no idea why someone would need to have sex with a floatie so badly in public, they would be willing to be in prison for 11 months. America I guess.
  2. Polish woman attempts to create Continue reading “Top 10 Odd Crimes”