20 Calming And Beautiful Pictures

Fun little idea of some pictures put together that I found calming when I wasn’t in one of my best moods ever. Enjoy! Any pictures to add? Let me know

All credit goes to the photographers, no copyright infringement intended. Once again, these images belong to their owners

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Kitty Time – A Post In The Past

So about four, nearly five years ago actually, my family got so lucky as to be home to six little kittens when Luna, our dear, evil calico became pregnant. Here’s a little picture montage of my time with my six special little kitties and there momma.

The king and queen of the group
Some more colourful sisters


Family Photo

Our dear mother Luna remains quite moody and bipolar although she was a spectacular mom.

And of course she’s tortured by the one daughter we kept, Cali otherwise known as Chub chubs


Hope you enjoyed some cute kitty time!

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