Book Quotes and Scenes

Iron Daughter

Book #2  by Julie Kagawa

I cannot express the love this series first wrapped me in, now I’ll share one of its beautiful quotes with you. Spoiler: romantic and cute as hell.

“Ash brushed my cheek with the back of his hand, catching a loose strand of hair between his fingers. “I’ve seen thousands of mortal girls,” he said softly, “more than you could ever count, from all corners of your world. To me, they’re all the same.” His finger slid below my chin, tilting my head up. “They only see this outer shell, not who I really am, beneath. You have. You’ve seen me without the glamour and illusions, even the ones I show my family, the farce I maintain just to survive. You’ve seen who I really am, and yet, you’re still here.” He brushed his thumb over my skin, leaving a trail of icy heat. “You’re here, and the only dance I want is this one.” Julie Kagawa

I think this is where romantic Shayla was born…
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