Top 10 Tumblr Posts About Rowaelin – Part Two

To check out part one of this post: Top 10 Tumblr Posts About RowAelin

Obviously this was originally just a top 10 post…but I love Rowaelin, and I can’t help myself and it’s been months since it came out and I still haven’t recovered from Empire of Storms. So this is how I’m coping. Don’t judge me.

As with last time, spoilers beware! If you read this post and something is spoiled don’t blame me because I warned you right now. Spoilers! Especially from Empire of Thrones.
Otherwise, let it begin!  Continue reading “Top 10 Tumblr Posts About Rowaelin – Part Two”

Book Quotes And Scenes


Don’t mind me, I just decided I really needed to cherish this Rowaelin moment. Throne of Glass series, you turn me every which way. These feels are there and not going away. Also, poor Rowan.