Top 10 Tumblr Posts About Feysand

I’ve done this type of post before withย Top 10 Tumblr Posts About RowAelinย and am currently doing a part 2 of that post. Now, in honour of the cover reveal for ACOWAR, I’ll do one with Feyre and Rhysand. And no doubt once that book comes out in May, there will be a lot more posts for me to make a part 2 of this set too.

Anyways, as always, SPOILERS! I warn you now there are spoilers to both ACOTAR and ACOMAF courtesy of fans dying inside, including myself.

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Top 10 Tumblr Posts About RowAelin

Throne of Glass, mostly Queen of Shadows, spoilers beware.
All rights go to the writers and posters of these posts. Obviously.

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