One Word

The story should be brief
The telling no different
A simple statement of facts
But you would remain ignorant
Were facts the tool to tell
A story which must be told
Of a girl once young, now not
You may listen to this story unfold

A world of ideas and concepts
Expectations and wants
For what fits the interests
And who guilt haunts Continue reading “One Word”

Slam Status

This brings to mind at a moment at school the other day. Our very biology text book has section on hormones and the science behind weight and the chemicals behind it. There was a page and a half devoted to obesity. And a small paragraph for being underweight. That moment made me think of this poem where a very hard truth first hit me about my own body and what I punish myself for all the time. That I am encouraged to do by society.

Blythe Baird – “When the Fat Girl Gets Skinny” (NPS 2015)

Slam Status

This is short, simple and conveys so many things it should not be possible. It means so much to me in so many different ways. More than anything though, it’s the woman who speaks it. She is the epitome of strength and power, of what she’s talking about and it creates a perfect story that I am happy to hear time and time again.

Melissa Newman-Evans – “9 Things I Would Like to Tell to Every Teenage Girl”

Slam Status

First time I watched this, it nearly brought tears to my eyes in so many ways. It’s hilarious and oh so true. For that I will always love rewatching it now. Except that with a touchy relationship with my own father I can’t help but regret what I don’t quite have. However, I do happen to have it with my brother, this would be his type of lines.

Jesse Parent – “To the Boys Who May One Day Date My Daughter”

Slam Status

This one is for those without a different setting, that live in their world and only want that. What others want for them, for females, in irrelevant and this spoken word poet is amazing at getting that message of feminism and being your own self better than most I’ve seen. This poem of hers is one I watch again and again. I’m also sure Harry Potter fans will appreciate it.

Brenna Twohy – “Fantastic Breasts and Where To Find Them” (NPS 2014)

Underestimate Us – A Slam Poem

This post was inspired by The Daily Post Word Prompt Underestimate
The video version of this can be found on Youtube:

Underestimate Us – Spoken Word

Listen to my voice loud and clear
I have a small message for you to hear
I feel very tired, of this one constant thing
On and on again, it is everyone’s focus
And thus, no choice, it must be mine.
This focus, nonstop and loud?
My body.
Now let me emphasize that one little word.
My. As in mine, not yours, so why is it your focus.
But the society around me won’t let it go.
They hold onto something that is not theirs
And slowly but surely, everyone believes
It’s not mine either.
Hands I draw henna designs on in boredom.
Legs that push me harder and faster on the ice.
Hair I love playing with and changing.
A face I make lovely smiles with.
None of it is mine.
Does this make sense?
No, not really

They cannot force me into the object of their possession.
I am not something to be played with.
Not something for them to poke and prod at.
Because all I ever hear.
Don’t where that it’s inappropriate.
Those shorts are too short, your legs too big.
You should eat better, you’ll gain weight.
Shut up! Is what I have to say.
Inappropriate? So what, some boob shows, I happen to have boobs
Too short, too big? I feel pretty, that’s all I need.
Weight? Too fucking bad, I like food.

It is time to stop putting me down.
Putting us down.
The girls like me.
Who are told what to do, with their body.
I tell society now;

Do not underestimate us.
We will fight back.
We will throw your comments back in your face
We will not care what you want to say.
We will reclaim our bodies for what they are.
No longer objects, but ours to cherish.
They will be silenced and our voices will rise.
Until everyone knows.
We will not be objects.
Do not put us down.
Because we bite back.

And they will never
Underestimate our power again

Thank you for listening and until next time,


Slam Status

These girls are some of my favourite performers of all the Button Poetry series. They are absolutely wonderful and strong and empowering. As is supposed to be. This one in particular is powerful for woman. Now to let the poem speak for itself.

National Poetry Slam Finals 2014 – “Say No”

Slam Status

This one goes to the age-old complainers of being in the friend zone. First two lines sums it up perfectly.
This is something that gets to me simply for the point they make that I see all the time. Some guys seem to think that by being kind and a friend, they are obliged to something in return. Specifically, the female booty. So no, give it a fucking rest. done, so done.

National Poetry Slam 2014 Finals – “Friend Zone”

Slam Status

A post for my fellow feminists out there. Today, a simple video. One that is not so simple. It will impact and I hope it will give you chills and make you think and leave you in silence. Even for just a moment.

CUPSI 2014: Bois Will Be Boys [Trigger Warning: Sexual Assault]

Best of Slam Poetry

If you don’t know what slam poetry, otherwise known as spoken word poetry, is then please go look it up immediately on Youtube trust me you won’t regret it, also I’ll put a link up here eventually since I plan on doing a talk about Spoken Word.

For this post I’m finding my favourites of spoken word, most recent of course, and talking about them and leaving the links here you guys to go watch. Which you better do. Now that’s enough of me explaining, onward to the post! onward-my-noble-steed-19802

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