Tokyo, Japan

This dream first began with my coming into the anime world and transition into a major Otaku. Anime is one of the best things that ever happened to me and eventually led to my interest in Japan itself. Let’s face it, Tokyo is an insane place and this is my perfect opportunity to know more about it. Selfish, I know.
Capital of Japan
Tokyo, Japanโ€™s bustling capital, mixes the ultramodern and the traditional, from neon-lit skyscrapers and anime shops to cherry trees and temples. The opulent Meiji Shinto Shrine is known for its towering gate and surrounding forests. The Imperial Palace sits amid sprawling public gardens. The city is famed for its vibrant food scene, and its Shibuya and Harajuku districts are the heart of its trendy teen fashion scene.
First of all, beyond that fact stuff up there ^ most of you know if you follow me, I live in Canada. Tokyo itself, has half the population of Canada. That is a city! That is insane. Canada is huge. I’m not even sure where the problem with this is coming from anymore. Too few people in Canada or too much in Japan?
Now, for all the book lovers out there, yes, my people out there, man do I have the discovery of a lifetime for you! I just found out about this literally last week. So try this on for size; you know a bed and breakfast. How about:

A Book and Bed

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