I has been a very bad blogger as of lately.

I am admittedly insanely frustrated myself for the recent hiatus on blogging that was worsened by the following severe lack of explanation. Rude, very rude.
I guess the explanation I can give is that I got caught up in IB and getting through everything else. The creative outlet was ignored because creativity was becoming a rare occurrence and one I haven’t particularly had time for either.

A lot has happened for me in the past three months though that I can’t wait to talk to you guys about. Current followers and any recent new I really want to thank you for stinking around and hope you will continue as I get back into the blogging spirit. Even just writing this post is making me feel better and more excited. Hopefully a lot of posts will be getting written and sent out in the next while.

So a big thanks to my followers, I can’t wait to check other blogs as well to see what you’ve been up to. Anything super big that you want to talk about? Comment below!

Happy blogging!


August Summary

I seem to be at least a few days late posting this monthly wrap ups every time. Bad habit Shayla. But I probably won’t fix it.

Anyways. My summer is over! I have 4 days left before handing myself over to school for my last year of high school. So what’s happened this month?  Continue reading “August Summary”

Personal Challenge

This is an idea I feel like I’ll keep going from my old blog, so I’ll let anyone reading this in on it. My latest challenge is this: read 5-10 books outside of my normal genre.
It came up because looking at the few reviews I’ve posted on this blog even when it’s new and looking at my old one with my friends, my genres can vary, except that one stays the same. YA. Young adult. Changing it up >.< might regret it. So I am recruiting Michelle and Emilie from their blogs to help me find these 5-10 books out of my genre and read them within about two months while reviewing them.
If anyone has suggestions, hand ’em over. I would love to hear some different books, that have maybe impacted you some how and get a chance to read them myself. Comment and leave suggestions please!

Thanks! ~Shayla

Update: The list of books has been chosen and made! Here’s the post.