Role Model

A friend shared this video with me, then I saw this prompt and went, okay yea, I need to share it to more people too.

Role Model – Hall of Fame

This video was just so cute. And of course I already love the song and this version of it just brought cute little feels to my tiny heart. It was done really well.

This is why I really appreciated Moana and Brave, I ranted about Moana awhile ago here. The newer movies are just so much better in message and in ideas. The independence people! Love it. Of course the sound track tops it all off.

What do you think of the video?

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Slam Status

A post for my fellow feminists out there. Today, a simple video. One that is not so simple. It will impact and I hope it will give you chills and make you think and leave you in silence. Even for just a moment.

CUPSI 2014: Bois Will Be Boys [Trigger Warning: Sexual Assault]