Save Yourself – My Darkest Days


Save Yourself

Then for the badass amv version: Noragami AMV – Save Yourself

Slam Status

This is short, simple and conveys so many things it should not be possible. It means so much to me in so many different ways. More than anything though, it’s the woman who speaks it. She is the epitome of strength and power, of what she’s talking about and it creates a perfect story that I am happy to hear time and time again.

Melissa Newman-Evans – “9 Things I Would Like to Tell to Every Teenage Girl”

Slam Status

A post for my fellow feminists out there. Today, a simple video. One that is not so simple. It will impact and I hope it will give you chills and make you think and leave you in silence. Even for just a moment.

CUPSI 2014: Bois Will Be Boys [Trigger Warning: Sexual Assault]

Changing Perspective

e1ec5aed694738b89d69a7ed2896226cNature Is Speaking – Julia Roberts is Mother Nature | Conservation International (CI)

A must watch video for anybody interested in world politics and environmental issues. But honestly, anyone and everyone should take not even 2 minutes to watch it. Impactful and thought provoking beyond any doubt. I can’t imagine a better way to explain it.

Best of Slam Poetry

If you don’t know what slam poetry, otherwise known as spoken word poetry, is then please go look it up immediately on Youtube trust me you won’t regret it, also I’ll put a link up here eventually since I plan on doing a talk about Spoken Word.

For this post I’m finding my favourites of spoken word, most recent of course, and talking about them and leaving the links here you guys to go watch. Which you better do. Now that’s enough of me explaining, onward to the post! onward-my-noble-steed-19802

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