Disney Movie Rants: Tarzan

Tarzan: This movie came out all the way back in 1999. That’s 17 years ago and holy crap it has been AGES since I’ve watched it. Until a few days ago that is. Tarzan

Now it’s filled me with far too many feels and thoughts and I need to rant it out before I explode. Quite literally possibly. So settle on in readers, here’s the beginning of my rants about Disney movies. 

So this all began with Youtube. Of course what else, it’s always Youtube’s fault, sucking you in until you’re in the deepest of its depths Gif - Sucked InNot that I’m complaining this time around. I was listening to disney songs and went on a playlist and before I knew it I found this video which I am leaving the link for you lovely people here. Watch this and see if you don’t catch the Tarzan bug like I did! There’s no going back from it I swear.

First and foremost since it was the video that began this, I am giving a VERy enthusiastic round of applause to Phil Collins over in the corner somewhere. Gif - Minions applause.gifThere simply isn’t a way for me to express the love I feel for his songs. In this film specifically, they fit the entirety of the film to perfection. Somehow his voice itself benefits the movie in ways I don’t believe I can properly explain. Admittedly, at this moment, I am listening to his songs right now. This particular Disney movie was undoubtedly gifted by this soundtrack because it makes Tarzan.

Next I am going to talk about Jane. Mostly because my favourite line of the entire movie came from her and turns out to be improv done by her voice actress. I had to pause the movie before I calmed down enough. Best line. Love it and I’m not saying it because any of you guys reading this has to watch to find out. Jane’s character is smart and quirky and a MAJOR rambler. Not to mention for someone who gets flustered, she handles herself SO well it makes me slightly jealous. It’s this personality that adds to the biggest part of why I am still freaking out about the movie.

I present to you my new OTP that is Jane and Tarzan. Cannot go without them at the moment because it was so wonderful. I just don’t know how else to put it except that they are adorable. The relationship develops so wonderfully and they’re both so curious about everything it’s wonderful. Not to mention the scene where they meet, she kicks him, is one of the best when it comes to Disney characters meeting their love. Fancy balls with gowns and fairy godmothers are overrated after all.

Finally the piece to close up any Disney movie: the tearjerker. Now here is something I will state very clearly. I do not cry for movies or stories. It simply doesn’t happen. I can count the number of exceptions on one hand. While Tarzan didn’t quite make it on, it tugged at my heart strings because I was simply so sucked in and it just was upsetting me. I had to rant to my friend Ben afterwards because I was so distraught. I was a mess. He even agreed with me, Tarzan wrecked him.
Also, because I have to say it, Let It Go really has nothing on this soundtrack. I just fell so much more in love with this when re-watching it. Sorrynotsorry

So I think this finishes off my rant for this round. I will warn all those bloggers out there now. I will rant. They are a beautiful thing and mass murder would already have happened if not for this. Hope you enjoyed following along. Gif - That's all

Until next time, yours truly,



“Psssttttt!” If you happened to have caught the Tarzan bug, I insist on watching that video, here’s a link to watch the movie online for free. Shhhh.


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