Into The Night


One of the guys hauled in another skid, the wood perfect and with a grunt threw it atop the fire they all surrounded. For a moment, the flames lessened before consuming the wood and lighting up brilliantly. Eliana cheered with some of the others, stepping up to the flames once they calmed down. She could still hear the chattering of Tessa and Laura behind her. But they were easily tuned out by the flames. A grin spread across her face when she turned away, watching the light of the bonfire reflect off of them all in the dark.


She went back to them and sat on the bench, taking the palm bay when it was handed to her from a nearby cooler. Quickly joining back in on the conversation she basked wordlessly into the night. “El!” Daren interrupted her thoughts and she raised and eyebrow at him, “You are such a fire bug, jeez, pay attention. Do you know where your brother went?” “Yes, because my job is keeping track of my brother.” Laura elbowed her slightly in the ribs, giving her a knowing look. Eliana rolled her eyes, ignoring Laura’s grin, “He headed inside, probably for some drinking games.”


“Love your faith in me sister,” And a peck on the cheek followed by a hand buried in her hair. Eliana resisted the urge to swat him. But she was in a good mood, so she just took another sip of her drink. “Actually,” he continued, “I’m going to liven up this music and you’re going to help.” Again, Eliana found herself raising a brow. “Oh of course, your every need dear brother,” she muttered sarcastically. “That’s the spirit!” Then he leaned over and whispered something to Laura then he was gone heading over to a group and that was when she spotted the guitar in his hand.


There were three others with him for now. All bearing some kind of instrument, including, yes, a cowbell. Eliana shook her head but a laugh still made its way out her lips. One that immediately cut off when she saw Dylan coming up just behind her brother. As always, his face was set blank, but tonight there was a spark there. Which seemed to brighten as she watched him sit down and take the first strum of guitar. Immediately, the music began filling her ears as her brother joined in. Hell, even the cowbell sounded nice. It was when he sang that her breath stopped. Absolutely froze her and sent heat down to places she dared not name when he was only mere feet away from her. A smile worked its way on her face.

And as people starting getting up and moving to dance, she didn’t watch her friends, some drunken and sloppy, others playful and much soberer, and laugh along with them. Instead she found herself falling into the music and watching Dylan. Callused fingers picked the strings in a full rhythm fitting his dark, brooding exterior. It was the way his fingers flowed across the the chords that she watched. Where a different kind of gentle was revealed and let loose into the night as he sang alongside the others. More people were joining in when they knew the songs. No one gave a damn about anything tonight. And watching him, Eliana decided she didn’t feel like caring either. She would care in the morning. No alcohol for this bravery, just the undiluted attraction and the fact that tomorrow didn’t matter. Tonight did.


And suddenly hands were grabbing Eliana and her friends were pulling her towards the heat of the blazing bonfire. A laugh escaped her when Laura crossed her hands in the air. Then doing a belly dance of some sort that Eliana began to mimic without thinking too much about it. They all flowed around the fire, the music seeping straight into their bones. Until the dancing came naturally. It was all fun and games. Eliana also was sure her legs would be sore as hell tomorrow. That was extremely insignificant now though.


They were like that for so long, she barely noticed that singing coming to a stop and a song coming on over the speakers as the boys took a break. She couldn’t help a sigh. One Laura caught and grinned at her for knowingly. Eliana shook her head and with a grin Laura grabbed her hands and began pulling her in circles. Too many circles for that matter. And it was about then she remembered the shots her friend had taken on in a game not too long ago.


“Shit,” she muttered, but couldn’t help being amused, even when Laura laughed harder, her grip slipped and the girls fell apart from one another.


Instead of feeling the harsh ground on her back, Eliana was captured by a pair of arms. A familiar smell and quiet chuckle, and she knew exactly who’s arms she was in. It was enough to make her breath catch and she couldn’t imagine him not noticing. She still hoped he hadn’t. So instead of pulling away, Eliana turned around in his arms, moving closer. Just as a giggle sounded and a slow song slipped its way out of the speakers.


“Conniving little buggers,” Eliana grumbled to herself. Except Dylan then snorted and she looked at his face to see a raised eyebrow, looking at her in question. “Nothing,” she murmured. Then proceeded to grip him by the forearms and pull Dylan back with her into the light of the flames.


Her own daringness surprised her, but she refused to falter a step in this moment.

Until Dylan stepped closer into her and swept her into a circle as his hands settled on her waist. Then it was all she could do to stay standing. And she cursed herself silently for acting like a love struck fool. But his gaze was fierce and strong, always burning with something more, the flames of his gaze ready to consume her in one blast. Burning away her walls and laid bare for him to do as he pleased. Those molten eyes told her he saw the world differently, saw her, and she couldn’t hide from him. It was thrilling, terrifying. Then they were dancing.


He pulled her hand into his own and waltzed her around the fire as she lost herself to the music, flowing from one step to the next. The lyrics wrapped around her body. The sound of a guitar strummed over her skin. The drums pounded into her bones. And all of it captured her heart and soul like never before. The music was all hers.

And this moment was theirs. Hers, because, Dylan’s attention was solely on her and vice versa. She found herself laughing as he spun her out into a circle, then back into the folds of his arms, still swaying her hips. Where her laugh abruptly fell silent when his lips met the skin of her neck. She held back a gasp when the warmth of his tongue settled onto her skin and she felt herself melting beneath the moist heat. And then he began moving and a moan slipped out her throat in pure, undiluted excitement. She felt the chuckle that told her Dylan had felt that moan and heat began rushing to her cheeks. Two could play that game.


Eliana moved, just slightly, backwards and closer into his body, strong and firm in so many ways it left her breathless, like she was caught in a raging storm. Then his teeth pulled at her ear, his mouth going anywhere he dared and the fires ignited. She spun around in his arms, hands settling on his solid chest. And they were in the eye of the storm. Others still danced around them, the music was no longer slow, it blared into the night with the roaring flames of the fire. But they were in silence, so close to one another.


A hand suddenly slapped onto her shoulder and cooed behind her ear and Eliana saw another hand landing on Dylan before a baby-like, slurred voice “Aww, look at dese little lovebirds!” Warren. A thousand curses swept through Eliana’s head. “Hey Dylan, can I get a wittle kiss too?” Rolling her eyes, as Warren’s hand had already started to lower down her back, Eliana pulled back, very reluctantly. “Yea sure, Warren, he’s all yours to kiss.”
And she walked away with a smirk on her face as Warren spluttered and raucous laughter started from those who heard. Eliana rejoined her friends, and only then did she look back. To see that gaze following her as Dylan stood in the middle of the laughing, searing her with nothing more than that single look before turning away.




Eliana rubbed her head in exhaustion as one of her brother’s friends dragged Laura away to be put to bed inside the house. She couldn’t help the small smile on her face though because without a doubt this night had been amazing. And as she broke through the thin line of trees to the house it became clear to her in one breathtaking instant. This night wasn’t over yet either.


He was leaning against the tree next to the house, tall and breathtaking. It was more than empowering to have him looking at her the way he was. Dylan’s eyes were at half-mast, mirroring her own and they looked at her like she was the only thing left in the world. And he wanted to consume her. At this rate, it wasn’t going to be very hard.

Surprised that she was still able to, Eliana walked forward until she stood in front of him. Without any hesitation, she was on her tip toes, hand curling in the collar of his shirt, her lips finding his. She was already hanging on the edge of desperation. And she didn’t have anything against that possibility right now either. His arms pulling her flush against her body and they were going over the edge together for sure.


Lost in the heat that was just him, she hardly noticed when Dylan started leading them into the house, again; she wasn’t complaining. Tongues were blending together in a dance that was slowly simmering, setting her afire lazily and deliberately. This was what she wanted right now, only this. A moan escaped her and she was biting Dylan’s lip, pulling it in-between her teeth, grazing the warm, soft skin.


A sound from Dylan and suddenly her mouth was being claimed by his so thoroughly she was breathless when he pulled away, leaving their lips just barely touching. Letting Eliana become aware of all else that was and sadly wasn’t touching. She wanted it all.


“Screw this,” Dylan suddenly brought her up into the air, wrapping her legs around his waist with another gasp, fighting for breath. Then he was carrying her up the stairs without any hesitation. Determination that sent her mind whirling, not as much though as the feeling of his hardness against her, even through the pair of jeans blocking him. Eliana buried her head against his neck, against the strong muscles there she held her forehead for just a second. Before a smile slipped on her lips and she tilted her head to the side, letting her tongue run along that skin and loving the tightening of his hands against her rear all the more for it.


They made it to the bed. Dylan was above her, hands settled by her head, for just a moment, his eyes studying her face in that same way from before. Fire that broke down any wall, nothing hidden. She didn’t feel like hiding anything anymore. That thought occurred to Eliana suddenly, and she pulled the skin of her lip into her mouth, resisting licking them in pure anticipation. There was also that question there, question as his eyes opened up to her. ‘Do you want this’ so simple, wordless, words weren’t necessary. So she didn’t use them. Fingers settling around his shoulders, his neck, in his hair, Eliana pulled him down to her until they settled back into that powerful dance.

His hands followed along her body with sensuous intensity. Finding every curve. Every shamelessly sensitive part of her that melted to him just a little bit more than another. And man was he skilled at finding them. Breaking from the kiss for just a moment, Eliana tugged at his t-shirt. She wanted the skin, sexy and rousing he pulled back from her, making her resist a whine. Pulling at the back, his V revealed itself first. Followed by radiant muscles, as firm and strong as the one still kept hidden from her.


Then Dylan was back, flush against her, lips falling upon her neck and trailing down, leaving a wake of fire in his path, until he was settling between the peak of her breasts. His voice sent tantalizing vibrations through her body, “I want you, Eliana. Please.” Her name, on his lips. Nothing sounded better. Yes, please yes. Her voice was frozen, words beyond her already. Wanton beyond words, she lead his hands to the hem of her shirt, “Dear God, Dylan. Yes, hell yes.”


He didn’t take long to shed her of her clothes. It definitely wasn’t forgettable though. Wicked fingers marked her with blunt nails, such bare touches they tingled long after her shirt was gone and on the floor. It was liberating. Her hands, going wherever she pleased, his moans and groans in response, pushing her further wordlessly. Then his fingers scorched more flames as they trailed her jeans and pulled them off her legs with slow fervor that she could feel building around her. Dylan’s lips settled against hers again, joined in a dual dance. He bit her lips, her tongue, claiming her thoroughly and fiercely.

Then she was bared to him in just her bra and thong and she cleared him of his pants not long after. Fair is fair after all. Eliana said as much to him when she could form the words and his lush laughter filled the room and her.


She couldn’t get enough of his skin, and the thought of what was to come only heated her more. She felt heat pooling between her legs, blood rushing there without hesitation. And through thin boxers she could finally see Dylan’s excitement. That alone egged her on in ways she hadn’t believe. Magic, that’s all it could be. Above her, Dylan was still trailing kisses along her bared neck, his for the taking.

Then Eliana’s hands were trailing down, farther and farther until a near growl ripped from Dylan’s throat. She let one hand trail back up, nails scraping across Dylan’s taut skin and she pushed him enough that he rolled over, lying beside her on the bed. A sly smile formed on Eliana’s face. Both of her hands moved to his chest and she chuckled when he moaned in complaint. Eliana laughed even more when he quieted the moment she was straddled atop him, in only her underwear and bra. Meeting his gaze, she blushed ever-so-slightly at what she planned. Their gazes stayed locked even when she bent down and swiped a tongue softly around a sensitive nipple. Then she looked down and began trailing her lips wherever she pleased, content for a moment to stay right there. Worshipping the skin and body at her pleasure.


The feel of him yearning against her own body was what had her trailing downwards until she reached his boxers and laid a kiss over the powerful member beneath, through the fabric separating them. Dylan groaned and she felt his entire body tightening in restraint. To let her continue, to not interrupt. That fact had her breathing coming laboured now, she wondered how she didn’t hyperventilate once she pulled away the boxers. Thank god she didn’t because there was no hesitation and no time to wait as she closed her mouth around him.

Dylan moved this time, bucking up his hips just shy of shoving himself completely down her throat. Then she was licking and sucking and moaning to send shivers down his skin. Teasing his body relentlessly barely able to contain her amusement amongst the pleasure. Until finally Dylan released another growl-like moan and his seed went shooting down her throat. She swallowed it with ease and without complaint and Dylan didn’t waste a moment after catching his breath to pull her back up to him.


She laid lazily beside him, momentarily ignoring the fire still kindling in her center. Laying there, planting kisses along his neck she had no complaints. Until suddenly she found herself pinned on her back with Dylan back above her and a roguish smirk that brought adrenaline coursing through her veins. Without a single touch she felt wetness pooling around her as he leaned down to her ear, biting the lobe and whispering, “Did you consider if I would return that tease of yours? Hmm, Eliana?” Her breath caught in her throat, followed by a heavy swallow. His sensuous chuckle sent shivers through her entire body, excitement and anticipation raging through her. Her mind was blanking, it was all she could think of and Dylan took his sweet time moving down her body, removing her bra, first one strap, then the other, his fingers following wherever the material had been.

Everywhere and anywhere. Her pert nipples taken, one by his hot mouth, the other by skilled, callused fingers. She bit her lip, attempting to quiet herself as much as possible. Eliana knew that was a losing battle. The moment where he finally moved down and her thong was gone, she was gone too. First his fingers, trailing the sensitive skin so lightly, teasingly. He refused to go any closer until she finally let out a loud moan. Afterwards, Eliana didn’t keep quiet. Especially once his tongue met her folds he brought her into his mouth, sucking and licking just as she had. Lewd sounds came from her and she squirmed beneath him as the pleasure overwhelmed her. Eliana couldn’t take anymore and she groused as much to him. Afterwards, he brought her over the edge with no time at all.


The break of the flames was brief. The sexy sight of him couldn’t keep her down long and all the while she caught her breath her murmured into her ear, “You have no idea how much you seduce me without realizing it, stunning. You’re so beautiful” Every single word was so simple, but together meant so much. The shock of it was almost enough to break her from the high, but she still wanted more. And so did Dylan.


Then she had recovered and his hands were on her again. In any way Dylan could, he brought her closer to him until the package of the condom was ripped open. It sent her stomach into chaos and her head swimming in a sea of desire. When he pierced her body, intense and gentle and sexy all at once while her body screamed in delight. Breath rushing in passion for him, they joined together. Dylan’s gasp matched her own and he rushed to bring them closer. Again, she had no complaints. Her body was a pile of desire and moans, incapable of anything more than murmured demands of ‘more’ and ‘yes’. Dylan responded to her in every way possible. He slammed into her body one moment, then went slow and gentle the next and every single second of it was seared into her mind and body. The initial feelings of pain faded into nothing but pleasure.
“More Dylan, more please.” Eliana keened. He responded so thoroughly. Feeding her body everything it could take until they cried out together and they fell limp, Dylan still laying kisses and sucking against the skin of her neck while her fingers dug marks into his back.




She fell asleep. Eliana wasn’t sure when exactly. Time had become relative and needless. Everything had been those moments she was quickly recalling as the cloudiness of sleep slowly left her. Dylan was against her back, strong and sturdy as always. His one arm was bent, tucked under her head as a pillow while his chin rested softly on his head. The other held her tightly against him along her waist. Fingers trailing thoughtlessly along her skin. Tired and half asleep, he was still sending shivers along her spine and fire to her heart.


And Eliana felt better, more ready for life than she had for a long time, with Dylan behind her.


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